The Schlangopopping — health through prejudice

In the life of everyone, there may be a time when you are stuck in a dead end and realize that traditional methods of treatment do not help. And more often they cripple and spawn a new cycle of treatment from treatment. This is the theory of hose. The Schlangopopping — health through prejudice.

According to the statistics of personal observations, the most sick people and the few who live are doctors. How can we be cured by those who were not healthy themselves? Everything that creates a disease in our body is food. Well, there are no other reasons for the development of microbes, fungi, viruses, cancer cells, rotting, fermentation and so on. If the environment inside is clean, and the new food intake is environmentally and moderately, it does not overload the organs, and there is no reason for any disease of the world. This is the author’s personal opinion.

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The most effective means and way to maintain cleanliness in the body The author recognizes the regular washing of the intestine. For many years in medical practice, enemas are the most powerful and quickest type of cleansing from poisons in the body. Exactly what happens under the influence of natural chemical reactions with food in the intestines, and then absorbed into the body and spreads through all cells, tissues — makes us sick.

Even if you go successfully every day on a large toilet, then this is not a guarantor at all, that the body is completely coping with the removal of waste. Partial component of stool can stiffen and adhere to the folds of the intestines. It is not uncommon for people to walk with several kilograms of these dry residues in their belly for years.

Waste of the average person usually have very bad smells. We can say unequivocally that bad and strong smells, as a rule, come from a bad diet. Normal odor during emptying should not be acute. The smell is usually the brightest indicator that putrefactive and fermenting reactions took place in the intestines, many mucus and gases were released inside. The whole not very fortunate «vitamin» substance was absorbed into the lymph and blood, and many things could permanently settle in the body. There is a method that reduces the toxic effect of food. Below we will talk about such an unconventional method of therapy, as The Schlangopopping.



Hosepopping is a patented procedure for washing the intestines, which was first described in the book «Raw War», the year of publication 2013, the publishing house «Simex-print». The author was published under the pseudonym Sergei Ivanov. Among his acquaintances, his name is Dimming или Dimus. He is a native of Ukraine. The book was published on its own in a circulation of 500 copies.

Лидочка с правильной книжкой

Girl with the correct book.

The book describes the method itself, as well as a description of the author’s recovery from multiple and including malignant diseases from 2008 to 2012. The content is given a lot of colorful illustrations of what can be formed and leave our bodies, if the body does not interfere with itself to clean. Also in the book fragments of correspondence with followers of therapy, their responses are collected. The book is written in an informal style, and very heartfelt. After reading it, you can not remain indifferent to the topic of health in the traditional sense. Also the author of the book opens the world of the change of the psyche and consciousness on his subsequent ecological nutrition to his reader.

Contacts Dimming’s:

So, the method itself:

  • Go to the bath, after taking care that you will not be disturbed.
    Unscrew the shower head from the hose, remove the seals, turn on the average suitable pressure of warm water.
  • Further it is convenient to sit down in a bath and simply densely to stick a tip of a tube (do not insert!) of a hose to an anal aperture.
  • Fill the water as much as possible inside the intestine, until it stops, but without tension.
  • Then do a couple of exercises, or do not. Next, pour the contents of the intestine into a pre-prepared basin or bucket.
  • It needs to be done 10-20 times for 1 procedure. For beginners in the first time will suffice and three times. Further increase the approaches of water according to your internal sensations. But, without violence!

METHODOLOGY HERE: The method itself and its nuances are now described in a separate — article The Schlangopopping. Approved by Diming himself, the author of this procedure. (The article is still in the process of being translated into English)

The reader first acquainted with this topic usually immediately appears a number of prejudices and fears on the following topics:

  • All microflora is washed out — this is a guaranteed dysbacteriosis. The usual way to go to the toilet will not work.
  • Bowel injury from chlorine.
  • It’s contagious, you can get tap water and this will bring death in agony.
  • This procedure will damage the intestines and other internal organs — also death in agony.
  • This is only for old people, deadly sick and young madmen, who have nothing to lose and want to experiment.

Contrary to this and other predictable horror of the reader, it is possible to assure, on the author’s own experience, that all fears are in vain. The natural capacity of emptying is restored across a maximum of two days, regardless of the duration of the procedure. No burns, injuries and infections were observed.

The Schlangopopping is a whole movement, which is gaining momentum. Especially, it is relevant in the current conditions of expensive medicine. Many practice this for a long time (5-10 years) with great benefit for themselves. Usually these are people who are disappointed in traditional methods of treatment, who have oncology or other serious diseases. Why wait? Everyone is sick now. Old age is the result of a tasty life. A decrepit, sickly, wrinkled and ugly body is the degree of human mutation over the years of gluttony. This creates a large cost of treatment and brings the grave closer.

Whether the reader will do the Schlangopopping or not, this is his own decision. Our task is to give information — to confuse «healthy» minds.

This innovative method the author of the blog finds very convenient and effective for the treatment of any ailment. Of course, apart from the lack of limbs or organs. The usual enema even near did not stand on the strength of purification, simplicity, accessibility and comfort with Schlangopopping therapy.


Mucus and lymphatic system

The theme of mucus here will have a separate meaning. On the Internet you can find materials how different people practicing starvation and traditional enemas extract from themselves filamentary, flagelliform and multi-colored pieces. And just on request «mucus or ropes in the feces» you can see a lot of things.


Examples of flagellar mucus.

All this is considered scraps of intestines, parasites and anything. In fact, it’s just compressed lymphatic mucus. It resembles a half-decomposed silicone of varying density and thickness. This mucus is of all colors from the transparent and white spectrum, all shades of warm gamut and black, sometimes green.

Lymphatic system

Such mucus form in the lymphatic ducts that entangle the entire human body inside. From time to time, under favorable conditions, for example, hunger, the organism throws it out in a more solid form into the intestine. After that, you can see it pressed into the feces or washed with the enema water. With traditional food without food pauses, this mucus leaves very rarely, usually only after very severe food poisoning and eating disorders, as well as after inflammatory diseases. If you eat traditionally and do not find yourself in the mucus, it means that it stays inside of you. It can be in your form of subcutaneous fat, acne, hernia, sinusitis, pulmonary phlegm and in other forms.

The lymphatic system (Latin systema lymphatica) is a part of the vascular system in vertebrates, which supplements the cardiovascular system. It plays an important role in the metabolism of substances and the purification of cells and tissues of the body. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system of mammals is not closed and does not have a central pump. The lymph circulating in it moves slowly and under low pressure. (The term Wikipedia)

The main role of the lymphatic system is the transport of cells of the immune system during the activation of immunity, lipids in the form of lipoproteins, as well as the introduction into the systemic circulation of various objects (small and large molecules, liquids, infectious agents, etc.) packed into delivery vehicles — exosomes and vesicles (membrane-protected bags in which various substances are stored or transported). (The term Wikipedia)

Lymphogenesis — As a result of filtration of plasma in the blood capillaries, the fluid enters the intercellular (interstitial) space, where water and electrolytes partially bind to colloidal and fibrous structures, and partly form the aqueous phase. Thus, a tissue fluid is formed, some of which is reabsorbed back into the blood, and a part — enters the lymphatic capillaries, forming lymph. Thus, lymph is a space of the internal environment of the body, formed from the intercellular fluid. The formation and outflow of lymph from the intercellular space are subordinated to the forces of hydrostatic and oncotic (osmosis) pressure and occur rhythmically. (The term Wikipedia)

Comparative visualization of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

In fact, the lymph system — this is our preventive immunity of the first line, before inflammation. The lymph moves in one direction — from the tissues, from the bottom up. From the fingertips to the thoracic lymphatic duct. This is dictated by the fact that the task of the lymphatic system is filtration of liquids, so that then the purified lymph fluid is diverted into the bloodstream.

In all the lymph vessels there are valves that prevent lymph from flowing back. Klapan misses the rising lymph and immediately claps, preventing the reverse movement of the lymph.

Information on mucus

Slime is a thickened lymph fluid that absorbs the biomass.

Part of the function of the mucus is to envelop the harmful substance and congeal (thicken) with it through various organs to leave the body. When fasting, or rather, with a prolonged emptiness of the stomach from 3-4 hours, when the intestine does not push harmful and excess food around the clock, an improved cleansing of lymph begins. Pressed slime little by little merges into the intestine, and when washed with water or liquid raw food, it is well cleaned from the body.

It is unlikely that the body stores mucus in the form of ropes and thickens directly in the lymphatic drainage, most likely in this form it appears in the intestine, and so it is sparse. Otherwise we would have died of lymphatrombosis.

The reader experienced, perhaps, a slight numbness in the limbs, cramps or tingling, uncomfortable sensations in the knees and feet, an increase and soreness of the cervical and other lymph nodes? All these are symptoms of intense body cleansing from slagged lymph. Usually, these phenomena can be accompanied by eye redness, swelling of skin tissues, increased or decreased body temperature, expectoration of sputum, blowing snot, abundant secretions of sulfur from the ears, increased separation of fat on the head and other areas of the body.

Our colds are an emergency release of food mucus, which can not be quickly disinfected through the intestine and packed into intercellular spaces. Well, when a person is sick, then he eats less and thereby a therapeutic food pause is achieved. Thanks to this, a person can live longer. The more common cold, sore throat, pneumonia — the more a person is poisoned with food, and the more regular the «fire draining» is needed. Everyone has friends who are sick all the time, now you know what their secret is. Unfortunately, during the years of everyday food abuse, so many slags accumulate in us, that it is necessary to wash the intestines along with a strict diet for several years to get it all. But then the machine finally begins to feel incredibly good. And immunity goes to new boundaries of strength.

It is worth considering that there is slime «old» and «new». This is from past and present food merit. Slime in itself in some concentration is necessary for the body for technical needs. The period when abnormal and acidotic crises occur (the head is spinning, it’s just bad, the temperature rises), as a rule, are marked by the moment of this very dense mucus formation. Simultaneously, all the lymph can not thicken, it’s death. It seems that this happens on separate parts of the body.

Diets, fasting, pauses in food from 3-4 hours give the body a breather, and it begins to collect what is unnecessary in the lymph. This always happens in a generic and systemic manner. Some processes take place every few hours, others every few days, a third time in several months (seasonal colds). It all depends on many factors — what you eat, what mental and physical state you are in, what you practice (sports), etc. Sports loads accelerate the removal of waste into the lymph, so the sensations of hunger, fatigue, etc. come quickly and strongly.

About the same slime in the tubular body system can be read in Arnold Eret’s book «Diet without mucus.» In particular, he writes that after hunger he drank freshly squeezed fruit juices and strong bubbles took place in his body, and then, when defecated, an abundance of vile, smelly mucus erupted from his body. In general, fruit, berry and vegetable juices intensively clean blood and lymph. However, I want to note that concentrated fruit sugars (as in grapes) on a hungry organism on the contrary contribute to the formation of protective mucus in order to reduce the effect of absorption of sweet concentrate. Therefore, the juice diet without dilution with water (1/1, 2/1) the author of the blog does not recommend — this will kill the gallbladder.

Before you read these two documents, you need to know something. Any attempt to describe the formations described in these documents as parasites or worms is a deception and a misunderstanding. This substance is not alive — it is a frozen food mucus with surpluses of concentrated fats, sugars and acids from our daily meals. In the studies of American scientists this is also called candida worms. But in this substance can be contained dead mycelium in large quantities. Fungi of the genus Candida help our body to utilize surpluses of sugars, carbohydrates and fats. Therefore — their large number of normal-observe when observing an unhealthy and unbalanced diet. If there is no extra food, then there is no excess Candida. Our body must have time to use everything itself and not leave surpluses for fungi and other pathogenic microflora of the body.

The main provokers of stiff mucus

The main reagents are provocateurs of thick mucus — it is fatty, sweet, glutomate. So that the body does not form mucus or formed in small amounts — you must comply with the dose with these substances. The indicator of the onset of mucus is a specific boiling after eating. Excess fatty, confectionery and glutomate — this is what the body rather wants to isolate by enveloping these substances in slime. The thicker the mucus after the toilet, the stronger the food overdose.

I want to clarify that such mucus can be formed from the excess of sweet fruits, for example, grapes (a lot of sugar, although «raw»). Pay attention to eating sausages, chips, crackers — there is full of glutomate, sugar and fat at the same time. If you keep the dose, then there is no mucus, if you overeat again, then again, bubbling and mucus.

Similarly, it is worth treating very carefully to dairy products and everything where cheese, cream, milk, butter is added. This is a special category of products, often leading to colds and the accumulation of mucus. It is an excellent environment for fixing an infection of any type. And in combination with sugar and glutomate — especially a terrible thing. You can eat it, but in a very controlled dose and not every day.

Additional information on mucus:

  1. Document 1 — Descriptions of the mysterious parasites
  2. Document 2 — Stages of development of mysterious parasites.



Here you look at people from outside and do not believe that they have there inside. This is all «good» is in a latent form, especially a lot of full people and having bulging zhivot. But thin people also do not have time to relax, they are also full of excess mucus.

If you just keep a diet, eat a lot of fiber, then the old mucus goes weak. We need food pauses for 3-4 hours, and regular therapy of the Schlangopopping.

Only a few people will practice it, to any modern person this seems like delirium, danger, burden and so on. But you, the reader who is now looking here, seem to be aware of something and are thinking about what to do next with your life. Or rather, with its quality. Look around, nowhere is there a single healthy person. If you look closely, many people cough, sneeze all the time, spit out phlegm, groan. Around is full of people of all-possible thickness and unhealthy colors of skin. Almost all have acne and other skin imperfections, and even deep wrinkles. A wrinkled is not old age, but chronic dehydration of the body, against a background of regular food excess. The human body often badly needs clean water and food pauses for self-healing.

About the reader, the author of the blog was very disappointed in medicine and in the popular concept of a healthy lifestyle. No diet, no course of treatment, sport — they will not make you at the present healthy. It’s only half measures. The root of all the misfortunes of the body is food, accumulation from it and unbalanced psyche. Seasonal colds are nothing more than a fire system for ejecting surpluses of this mucus-like silicone. But we persistently plug these cleansing streams with «medicine,» eat harder, and it never ends.


Experience of colleagues

Opinion of the author of the blog: It is absolutely not necessary to torment yourself with coffee, milk, herbal and other enemas, since this mucus is not a living being. It is perfectly washed away with plain water and prevented by a light balanced diet.


User’s channel on YouTube: Journey to health

This is a video from 2015 of one person who enjoys cleansing through enemas with green coffee (Gerson therapy). Here are typical artifacts found after the procedures for washing the intestine. Here these substances are considered candida worms (But — this is the same thickened lymphatic mucus). Video can cause disgust. Also under the original video from YouTube you can find links to interesting articles in English. Do not be lazy to click.

Warning! this video might be difficult to watch for those who are sensitive to see a parasite. I am also very sorry for using fork, as some people found that odd (Please don’t watch it while eating!). I am just a person who struggled with health problems and I want to show others what kind of strange stuff sits in human gut and causes health problems. It was very helpful for me to find out that other people also seen these «things» coming out when they did different kinds of cleansing (not only enemas). After 1.5 years cleansing these «parasites» still come out (after coffee enema). However, my health profoundly improved! I have not been ill since I started this treatment. No cold, flu, or even running nose! Chronic fatigue is also gone ! So I am extremely happy person now! … and I keep cleansing 🙂

See the full description of the quote on YouTube.

User’s channel on YouTubeCapt. Steph

Additional information on mucus:

  1. Document 1 — Descriptions of the mysterious parasites
  2. Document 2 — Stages of development of mysterious parasites.

Contacts Dimming’s:

Expect translation into English to become a detailed description of the Schlangopopping methodology!


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